Crazy Rock’n Sushi

It is our great pleasure to serve you with the highest quality food and excellent service at the best prices.

On the frontier of Japanese fusion restaurants, we are proud of our unique and wonderful cuisine which is created from the finest ingredients. We promise you the freshest seafood, meat and produce.

The fun & friendly atmosphere of the sushi bar and the beautiful presentation of each dish with their remarkable and distinctive flavors have made us an experience that inspires our guests to return again and again.


First thing I noticed about Crazy Rock’N Sushi was that it was huge! It was a very spacious sports bar that was packed on a Friday night and I can see why!

I went with five other friends and ordered a bunch! I can’t even remember everything we ordered from their big menu but we tried pretty much everything from edamame to sushi to endless varieties of rolls to seafood dynamite to yellowtail collar to even udon and I enjoyed them all! Everything was very fresh and I loved how all the ingredients in the rolls went well together without overpowering one another.

Also, we ordered several dessert dishes and because they looked so good, our neighbor table started asking us questions about them so we kindly offered to have them taste them = major bonding moment I never had at a restaurant! This just shows how everyone is in a good mood from eating delicious sushi!

Make sure to not miss out on their great specials!

Christine A.

I just love love love this place. The staff is always friendly and they have great food. The food is always fresh and never tastes like it’s been sitting there for a while. Great prices, great service, great food. Definitely one of my favorite restaurants :)

Laura N.